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― Albert Einstein

About Hydro Geo School

Institute Overview

Formally known as Danesh Parvaran-e Abnegar Peymayesh, Hydro Geo School is one of the seven devisions of Hydro Geo Organization. Its range of services covers short courses and workshops in the fields of surveying and hydrography.

To meet the demands of hydrography and geomatics science in the best way possible, the school is quite flexible to customize training courses for special clients and customers in accordance with their requisitions and wants. Hydro Geo School is the first ever institution in the Middle East that provides a wide range of customized short courses in hydrography and geomatics arenas.

Having experienced lecturers and being approved by Port and Maritime Organization (PMO) in Iran is an added value to the quality of the courses offered by Hydro Geo School.

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Photo: The world’s oldest university was built by Shapour I of Sassanid dynasty, 1,700 Years ago in a namesake city which stood near the existing city of Dezful, Iran. It included a medical school and was a center for training scientists for centuries to come. Iranian, Greek, Indian and Roman scientists conducted studies and scientific research there.

Vision & Mission


Hydro Geo School’s responsibility is to provide the society with the quality education in the field of geomatics. To cultivate, nurture and advance this branch of knowledge, we do not take part in any activity or business without realization of our quadruple principles, namely: Contingency, Accuracy, Reliability and Efficiency.


Hydro Geo School’s mission is to be the leading national and  regional institution offering a great variety of long and short courses in the fields of hydrography and geomatics science to:

  1. best meet the requirements for sustainable development and raise awareness of the role that geomatics science plays in sustainable development

  2. comply with the requirements for environmental protection

  3. address the ever growing demands of offshore oil and gas industry for good practices in exploration, seabed mapping, construction and maintenance

To accomplish those goals, the school adopts firm strategies that revolve around:

  1. training people according to the international standards

  2. evaluating current technologies and introducing latest technological developments

  3. contributing, compiling, translating and publishing pertinent books, articles and magazines by its board of authors

  4. scheduling conferences in order for exchange of knowledge and expertise

Our Clients

To name a few, our clients are: University graduates who seek a career in offshore industrial hydrography, Iranian offshore construction company, Iranian North Drilling Company (NDCo), National Cartographic Center of Iran, National Geographic Organization of Iran, Port and Maritime Organization of Iran, Maritime archeologists, and so on.

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