Hydro Geo School Academic Calendar, 2014

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Hydro Geo School Calendar

Hydro Geo School academic calendar is based on the Persian Calendar and Iranian governmental regulation. The Academic calendar is subject to change without prior notice. In preparing the calendar for an academic year, it is impossible to avoid coincidences with some religious holidays as they are calculated in Lunar Calendar. As coincidences arise, efforts are made to make special arrangements for students affected. Below you can find the required definitions:

School Working Days:    

    School is open Saturday to Thursday every week, School is closed on Fridays.

School Semesters:

Semester 1

    Starting from early January ending late June, 180  Days or 25  Weeks and  5  Days

Semester 2

    Starting from early July ending late December, 183  Days or 26  Weeks and  1  Days


    Each Session is 1.5 hours


    Each day includes 4 sessions


    Each week includes 6 days on and 1 day off

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Highlighted Events, 2014

April, 2014



Side Scan Sonar; This course is not only intended for those people who have no previous experience with Side Scan Sonar, but also for people who already work with Side Scan Sonar systems and want to gain more in-depth knowledge or brush up their knowledge.

Multi Beam Echo Sounder; This course is not only intended for people who have no previous experience with swathe sounders, but also for people who already work with swathe systems.

May, 2014



Under Water Acoustics; The course is particularly intended for people who work directly or indirectly with hydrographic surveys at which acoustic systems are used.

The course is practically-oriented and is intended for people who either already work with these systems or work together with hydrographers daily. Furthermore, the course provides the DP operator with a clearer insight into underwater positioning.

June, 2014



Introduction to Offshore Surveying and Industrial Hydrography; This course is intended for New people in the offshore industry, project related personnel.

Offshore Construction Surveying, Pipe laying, Jacket Installation and Subsea Supports; This course is intended for employees in the offshore construction industry who are confronted with survey work as well as for hydrographers.

* The table above shows Iran holidays for year 2014. Since some of the religious holidays are based on Lunar Calendar they change every year.

Governmental Holidays, 2014

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