“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

― Albert Einstein

Hydro Geo School

Education is essential in creating and maintaining a modern hydrographic service. Along with the mission of the Hydro Geo, in order to be an organization that can fully support the geomatics science and hydrography, Hydro Geo aimed to establish a school which can provide the body of knowledge required for carrying out complicated hydrographic projects and practical courses for the companies and universities.

Hydro Geo School offers more than forty technical training programs in hydrography. In some instances these programs are offered free of charge while others provide scholarships to those attendees that demonstrate the need. A comprehensive set of Standards of Competence for hydrographic surveyors and nautical cartographers have been drawn up, together with appropriate syllabi for the guidance of universities and teaching establishments throughout the world.

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Formally known as Danesh Parvaran-e Abnegar Peymayesh, Hydro Geo School is one of the seven devisions of Hydro Geo Organization. Its range of services covers short courses and workshops in the fields of surveying and hydrography. To meet the demands of hydrography and geomatics science in the best way possible, the school will be quite flexible to customize training courses for special clients and customers in accordance with their requisitions and wants. Hydro Geo School is the first ever institution in the Middle East that provides a wide range of customized short courses in hydrography and geomatics arenas. 



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