Hydro Geo School Library

Statement of beliefs

We believe that students at Hydro Geo School learn best when:

The library:

  1. Provides a variety of quality hard copy and electronic resources

  2. Provides research support

  3. Provides facilities that are well-maintained and up to date

The library program incorporates:

  1. Teaching of information retrieval and literacy skills

  2. Teaching of research skills

  3. Promotion of reading for enjoyment

The administration of the library:

  1. Teaches members of library staff to operate according to the policies and procedures described herein.

  2. Ensures that cataloguing and storage procedures maximize access to resources by users.

Hydro Geo School evaluates its collection and services on an ongoing basis through daily statistics, annual survey, ongoing faculty input, casual survey, students request and system statistics.

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Policies and procedures

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As the Library of the Hydro Geo School is expected to grow, practices will be developed to suit new or changing conditions. It is the intention that new practices will be in accordance with the spirit of the Library’s Quality Policy statement.

Accordingly new practices will be documented in the Library Staff Manual, and where necessary new or altered procedures will also be drafted for inclusion in the Library Regulations statement. Such new or changed procedures will be kept as addenda to this document until a new edition is created.

Library hours

The library is open for students, staff and faculty for the majority of teaching days at the Hydro Geo School.

The library is open from 08:00 am until 05:00 pm on Saturday – Wednesday, and from 08:00am until 12:30pm on Thursday.

Role of the Librarians

Full job descriptions for all Library staff have been prepared based on guidelines of the University of Tehran. These are housed in the Library and kept on file in the Human Resources department.

Code of conduct for library users

Library users must abide by the Code of Conduct for Library Users.

The Dean, on the advice of the Library Committee and of the Manager Library Services, may revise and update the conditions for the use of the Hydro Geo Library.

A copy of the Code of Conduct is displayed at the entrance to the Library and copies are available in brochure form.

Eligibility of borrowers

The following persons are eligible users of the Library and its facilities. This includes the right to borrow materials, subject to the rules set out in this policy document:

  1. Any person currently enrolled in a course at the Hydro Geo School

  2. Staff members of the Hydro Geo School

Searching for a Book in the Library

As an student or guest you have access to search our library for a book. To borrow that you need to note down the code and the title of book and visit our library staff in person or search the shelves by yourself.

Our online library is powered by Omeka offering standard search and catalogue facilities.

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