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Hydro Geo School Profile

Education is essential in creating and maintaining a modern hydrographic service. Along with the mission of the Hydro Geo, in order to be an organization which can fully support the geomatics science and hydrography, Hydro Geo aimed at establishing a school to provide knowledge based and practical courses to companies, universities and individuals. The courses designed by the school are categorized as follows:

  1. Basic Hydrographic Surveying Course: Seeking for Category B recognition certificate from IBSC board. The course will be held in Caspian college of university of Tehran including a 4-weeks final project being offered onboard Iran Abnegar survey vessel in Persian Gulf.

  2. Hydrography: These courses cover many aspects of hydrography including, Motion and Heading Sensors, Tides and Currents, Single Beam and Multi Beam Echo sounder, Sonars, USBL, and so on. 

  3. Software: These courses covers almost all the well known highly demanded software like QINSy, HyPack, CODA, PDS2000, and Nautical Cartography and Alignment Sheets, CAD for Hydrographic Surveyors.

  4. Offshore Surveying: This category includes Offshore Surveying and Industrial Hydrography, Seismic Surveying, Offshore Construction Surveying, Pipe laying, Jacket Installation and Subsea Supports.

  5. Geodesy: This group of courses encompasses Geodesy and Marine Geodesy, Positioning and Mathematics, DGPS and RTK DGPS, Datums and Geodetic Parameters, Map Projections, Land and Coastal Surveying for Hydrographers.

  6. ROV: This type of courses deals with Underwater positioning and monitoring including, ROV sensors, ROV Hydraulics and Electronics.

  7. Electronics: These courses are designed for Electronics Engineers as well as other individuals who want to join hydrography industry as survey engineers.

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Photo: Bandar Anzali, Guilan, Iran

This city is located in North of Iran alongside the Caspian Sea, where the Hydro Geo School implement its courses.

Why Hydro Geo School?

Iran with 2,440 km coastline has many ports located in the coasts of Gulf of Oman, Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. In addition, the country has a significant number of  inland waters like dams and lakes. A country at this level of access to waterways and water resources would require a good management systems to either develop its infrastructures or provide support to already developed infrastructures.

By the same token, such management system supporting development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas would require adequate knowledge of hydrography. To prove the truth of this statement one needs to consider the definition of hydrography as defined by International Hydrographic Organization:

It is the experience of the school that never has there been a training center in Iran to support the requirements described above. If there was a training course in hydrography it would be provided by governmental organizations and limited to their employers. It is also worth mentioning that although a couple of universities in Iran offer Master of Science in hydrography, they, by and large, just cover the theoretical aspects of hydrography which do not satisfy the practical needs of hydrography.

Therefore, with this background information, the Hydro Geo School aims at providing an standard hydrographic course in Iran which covers the syllabi defined by international standards. With adequate coverage of those syllabi, the course provides a practical knowledge and comprehension of hydrographic surveying for individuals and develops professional skills to carry out various operational tasks in hydrography.

Organization Chart

Key Personnel

Kamyar Shojaee

Chairman of the board

Master of Science – Geodesy, Hydrographic Surveying Engineering

Master of Engineering Management

Work Experiences:

  1. Managing Director; Hydro Geo Organization

  2. Offshore Survey Projects Manager; Kito Enterprises

  3. Offshore Survey Projects Manager; Asia AKAM Industry

  4. Hydrographer; National Cartographic Center of Iran

  5. Surveyor; Tehran Urban Underground Railway

Mousa Sheibani

Dean of the School

Master of Science – Geodesy, Hydrographic Surveying Engineering

Work Experiences:

  1. Chief Operating Officer; Hydro Geo Organization

  2. Offshore Survey & Positioning Manager; Royal Oyster Group

  3. Offshore Deepwater Positioning Manager; National Iranian Oil Company, North Drilling Company (NDCo)

  4. Hydrographer, Senior Surveyor; Asia AKAM Industry

Mojgan Kh. Daei

Course Coordinator and Registrar Officer

BA - English Language Teaching

Work Experiences:

  1. Administrative Assistant; Hydro Geo Organization

  2. International Business Manager; Tellone Ind. Group, TPM Co

  3. International Trade Manager; Aryan Tandorost Co.

  4. English Teacher; Pand Institute


Mostafa Sohrabi Athar

PhD student in Geodesy

Fereidoun Nobakht-Ersi

Master of Science - Mathematics

Navid Roshdieh

Master of Science -  Geospatial Information Systems

Yashar Mayamei

Master of Nano physics

Capt. Ali Mojabi

Master mariner, Certificate of Competency, class 1, Unlimited

Hadi Amiri

PhD - Electrical Engineering

Bahman Tajfirooz

PhD - Student in Physical Oceanography

Saeed Sadeghian

PhD -  Photogrammetry

Seyed Rahi Foroughi

PhD - Environment Management

Mahmoud Gatabi

Master of Science - Hydrography

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That branch of applied sciences which deals with the measurement and description of the features of the seas and coastal areas for the primary purpose of navigation and all other marine purposes and activities, including –inter alia- offshore activities, research, protection of the environment, and prediction services. (IHO Pub. S-32)